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With cloud-based infrastructure as a service, you can scale your infrastructure up or down as needed. Provided from secure data centers in Sweden.

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With cloud-based infrastructure as a service, you can scale your infrastructure up or down as needed. Provided from secure data centers in Sweden.

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Our cloud-based infrastructure service Compute is based on the market-leading OpenStack cloud platform. The service is provided from secure data halls with high levels of availability. Your data never leaves Sweden as the data halls are physically located within the country. The service is flexible, fully automated, and self-service-based by way of a portal in that the user can start and stop new servers in just a few easy steps. Servers can even be controlled programmatically by way of standard-based requests to our API.

A flexible and scalable service that doesn’t require new investments in hardware. The service is available on a per-hour basis, and you pay for only the resources you use. Users can access the service via a secure and encrypted internet connection. The public image library contains the most common operating systems, and there is also a private library where the user can upload their own images. There are three storage services for the virtual servers – Fast (SSD), Large (HDD), and Active Archive. This gives users a high degree of flexibility so that they can balance their requirements between cost and performance. Active Archive is our object storage service where we provide users with an S3 interface.

This service is extremely well suited to large volumes of data, such as e-archives, web applications, and the like. The service’s invoice-based documentation can be easily downloaded, while role-based access gives the IT department full usage traceability, enabling resource consumption costs to be pinpointed at user or department level. It’s easy to set quotas for each project or individual user. This then gives the company complete cost control and traceability, and enables the company to solve the problem of the phenomenon popularly called “Shadow IT”.

Local and secure cloud platform Our cloud services are provided by way of data halls in Sweden that fall under Swedish jurisdiction, not least the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL). The data halls have a very high level of physical security. All data is stored on encrypted disks, and all underlying systems in the cloud platform have a high level of security hardening (SELinux). The platform is set up redundantly in order to achieve a high level of availability. In addition, the system components are continuously and automatically patched based on a CI/CD environment.

Perfect platform for hybrid cloud

Flexible IP addressing supports most scenarios for how a user might want to integrate virtual servers into their own network.

With Compute, the user can either rent public IPv4 addresses, or use private addresses. In addition, public IPv6 addresses are included free of charge. The platform is built on SDN technology. One the the benefits of this is that the user can easily manage virtual networks. This flexibility gives the user the opportunity to minimize their IT investments by safeguarding their temporary and long-term capacity requirements in Compute.

Service highlights

  • Flexible cloud-based backup
  • SDN-based virtual networks
  • Invoice-based payment
  • Easy-to-use self-service portal
  • 24/7 technical support, all year round


Our infrastructure as a service, Compute, is a cloud-based service created to cater for the stringent requirements of the education and research sector in the Nordic region. All data is stored in ’s data centre to give users the security and control they need. Compute is flexible and easy to use, either via the self-service portal or via a standard request to the service’s API, making it very well suited to automation.

Key features

Built on the market-leading OpenStack cloud technology. Choose from different server options. High level of network performance and SDN-based virtual networks to easily separate traffic.

  • HOURLY RATES – Manage both peaks and low volumes. Discounts for minimum-term contracts.
  • GREAT FLEXIBILITY – For the user – elastic servers – control via API requests. Elastic storage as required.
  • HIGH LEVEL OF SECURITY – Role-based access control to the service. Option for integration with your own identity system. Integrated with SWAMID & FEIDE for the education sector. Data is encrypted both during transmission (TLS) and in our data centre on self-encrypted hard disks.
  • HIGH LEVEL OF AVAILABILITY – Disaster protection – data is stored in another geographical location. Redundant connection to the internet. Direct connection to SUNET and UNINETT for the education sector.
  • COST CONTROL – Predict your costs by setting quotas for users and/or projects with invoice-based payment.


  • TRUE CLOUD SERVICE – Capacity can be scaled up or down according to the user’s needs.
  • REDUCE COSTS – No need to invest in your own hardware or software.
  • SAVE TIME – Easy to implement with automated installers.
  • SECURE – Data is encrypted.

About Safespring

Safespring produce secure, reliable and flexible cloud services. Our infrastructure as a service is based on open source and open standards. We produce all our services within Europe and its therefore easier for you to follow European local laws and regulations.