Safespring Compute

With cloud-based infrastructure as a service, you can scale your infrastructure up or down as needed. Provided from secure data centers in Sweden.

Cloud-based infrastructure as a service (IaaS) allows you to adjust the size of your infrastructure according to your needs. It is provided from secure data centers located in Sweden.

Safespring Compute benefits

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Our IaaS service, called Compute, is based on the popular OpenStack cloud platform and is available on an hourly basis. You only pay for the resources you use. Compute is flexible, fully automated, and can be controlled through standard requests to our API. It is also self-service, allowing you to start and stop new servers easily. You can access the service through a secure, encrypted internet connection. There is a public library with common operating systems and a private library where you can upload your own images. We offer three storage options for virtual servers: Fast (SSD), Large (HDD), and Active Archive. This allows you to balance cost and performance based on your needs. Active Archive is our object storage service, which provides an S3 interface.

This service is particularly well-suited for large volumes of data, such as e-archives and web applications. You can easily access invoice-based documentation, and role-based access gives your IT department full traceability of resource usage, allowing you to track costs at the user or department level. You can also set quotas for each project or individual user, giving you complete control and traceability of costs and helping to address the issue of “Shadow IT.”

Our cloud services are provided through data centers in Sweden, which are subject to Swedish laws, including the Swedish Personal Data Act. The data centers have high levels of physical security and all data is stored on encrypted disks. The cloud platform has strong security measures (SELinux) and is set up redundantly to ensure high availability. It is also continuously patched based on a CI/CD environment.

Compute is a good choice for a hybrid cloud setup because it offers flexible IP addressing options. You can rent public IPv4 addresses, use private IP addresses, or use the included public IPv6 addresses. The platform is built on software-defined networking (SDN) technology, which allows you to easily manage virtual networks. This flexibility allows you to minimize IT investments by matching your capacity needs in Compute.

Some other features of Compute include:

Compute is specifically designed to meet the needs of the education and research sector in the Nordic region. All data is stored in Safespring’s data center to give users security and control. Compute is easy to use, either through the self-service portal or through standard requests to the API, making it suitable for automation. Key features include being built on the OpenStack cloud technology and offering a high level of network performance and SDN-based virtual networks. Hourly rates are available to manage both high and low volume periods, and there are options for both short-term and long-term contracts.