Strengthen Your Business with Safespring Compute

With Safespring's cloud services, your company gains the flexibility to adapt IT infrastructure to your needs. Everything is delivered from secure data centers within Sweden.

Swedish Cloud Services

Discover a flexible IT solution that creates opportunities instead of tying up capital.

With Safespring, you can create, start, and stop virtual machines with just a few simple steps. It’s easy to customize to your needs thanks to our self-service and complete automation.

Data Sovereignty

No Vendor Lock-In

Kubernetes Optimized

Open Source

Open Standards

Powerful Automation

Your Data is Safe with Us

We offer the highest level of security and availability with our data centers located within Sweden’s borders. Safespring Compute is flexible, automated, and simplifies compliance with data storage laws and regulations. All data is stored on encrypted hard drives.

With Safespring Compute, you gain access to market-leading cloud technology directly from our secure and reliable data centers in Sweden. Your data stays within the country’s borders, providing extra data security.

VPN Option

With Safespring Compute, you can strengthen your organization with robust and flexible VPN options like WireGuard and ZeroTier. Our automated solution for WireGuard VPN servers provides a secure and efficient starting point for accessing private networks from any location, perfect for companies that require remote access and high data privacy. WireGuard offers a streamlined and easy-to-configure VPN architecture that ensures your corporate data is secure and accessible regardless of where your employees are.

For organizations seeking an even more scalable VPN solution, ZeroTier is an excellent alternative. With ZeroTier, you can easily create virtual networks with encrypted tunnels, enabling secure and immediate communication between nodes globally. This platform is ideal for quick configuration and easy scalability without the need for traditional VPN hardware or complex installation processes.

At Safespring, we are proud to offer these advanced VPN capabilities integrated directly into our Compute platform. With just a few clicks, you can configure and deploy a complete VPN solution that supports both WireGuard and ZeroTier, ensuring that your organization always has access to secure and flexible network options.

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Scaleout Builds an AI Platform

Scaleout Builds an AI Platform

“Since machine learning and AI initiatives of this kind require handling large amounts of sensitive data, it is important for companies to have control and rely on a trusted provider with high data security and integrity.”

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Collaborate Effectively with Safespring Compute

Our service facilitates collaboration between different departments or groups, simplifies IT management, and brings efficiency to your organization.

Built on Open Source

Safespring Compute is built on Open Source, allowing companies and organizations to share in product development and innovation. This benefits all parties - companies, organizations, and end-users.

OpenStack and Kubernetes

OpenStack and Kubernetes make it easy to automate and scale your application setup. No matter where you choose to run your applications, Safespring offers a unified and seamless solution.

Although our platform is based on open source and Linux, we also support Windows on our virtual machines. Safespring collaborates with CloudBase to offer ready-to-use Windows images, so you can get started quickly.