Database as a service is fully-managed, highly-available, open source

Built on top of the pressure-tested ClusterControl, CCX enables you to provision, deploy and manage performant, open source database clusters in moments.

Safespring benefits

The Database-as-a-Service solution CCX takes care of everything, giving you accessible, high-performance databases for your applications.

Our partner Severalnines has built the service on Safespring. Managing a complex, clustered database environment is time-consuming and often daunting. With just a few simple steps, you can deploy a fully managed, load-balanced, high-availability database cluster for MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL that delivers performance, uptime and simplicity.

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Automated OPS with ClusterControl

CCX is a proven platform for automating and managing highly available MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL deployments. Imagine your own virtual DBA working 24x7 to ensure your clusters are always available and operating optimally, with backup management to protect your data.

Advanced traffic control

CCX deploys database-aware load balancers to give you complete control over routing queries on demand, optimizing connection handling, enabling throttling, and more. It can cache queries, making your applications more responsive and providing a better end-user experience.

High accessibility

CCX offers highly available deployments for MySQL and MariaDB using multi-master Galera clustering. Features include multiple writable masters, highly consistent data across servers, seamless scaling and fast failover.


Pricing is consumption-based. You pay per hour only for what you use.

Pricing components are the number of server vCPUs and associated RAM, amount of storage consumed, and data output type (outbound or inter-AZ) and amount.

Instance vCPU RAM (GB) Disk (GB) Hourly price (Node)
Tiny 2vCPU 4GB 100 0.185 EUR
Small 8vCPU 8GB 100 0.332 EUR
Medium 8vCPU 16GB 100 0.628 EUR
Large 16vCPU 32GB 100 1.205 EUR
X-Large 16vCPU 32GB 500 1.338 EUR
XX-Large 16vCPU 32GB 1000 1.543 EUR
Data Egress Monthly
First 1024GB Free
Greater than 1024 GB $.09375 / GB
Safespring Compute is the core of Database as a service

Safespring Compute is the core of Database as a service

Safespring runs in data centers within Europe and is not affected by foreign legislation such as the CLOUD Act or FISA 702.

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