Safespring S3 Storage

Cloud-based storage is provided from secure data centers in Sweden and is based on the market-leading Ceph storage technology.

S3 Protocol Support

Encrypted Hard Drives

Data Sovereignty

Immutable Objects

Offsite Backup

Cost Effective

Looking for reliable and secure cloud-based storage? Safespring offers three different options based on the market-leading Ceph storage technology, all provided from our secure data centers in Sweden.

Your data never leaves the country and is stored on encrypted disks.

Our cloud storage is fully automated and flexible, allowing you to create new volumes with just a few easy steps. Plus, it’s cost-effective, allowing you to purchase storage based on your actual needs and usage patterns rather than anticipating future requirements.

This object storage service uses SMR hard disks and offers access to an S3 interface, making it ideal for large volumes of data like e-archives or web applications for publishing.

Other Benefits

For more information, check out our Solution Brief.