Safespring Backup: Secure and Scalable Data Backup and Recovery

With Safesprings cloud-based backup service, you don't need to invest in any hardware or software. Just pay for the amount of data stored in the service!

Safespring Backup is a next-generation data backup and recovery solution that leverages the reliability and scalability of IBM Spectrum Protect.

With Safespring Backup, businesses can protect countless terabytes of data with minimal administration effort, thanks to its high security, excellent scalability, and data lifecycle automation features. Our backups are encrypted in transit with TLS 1.2, and can also be configured to be encrypted client-side for even higher security automatically.

Why Safespring Backup?

Despite being a well-proven solution for large enterprises, traditional backup solutions like Spectrum Protect often lack flexible administration options, particularly when it comes to handling user accounts and role assignments. Safespring Backup addresses this challenge by introducing a user-friendly, self-service portal that simplifies the setup of new nodes, key token generation, and hierarchical user management.

Solution Overview

With Safespring Backup, we introduce a complete overhaul of the user portal, based on the Auwau Cloutility product, which includes the following features:

Safespring Backup is a secure, easy-to-use solution that provides businesses with the reliability of Spectrum Protect, and the flexibility of a fully-fledged self-service portal. With advanced features, multi-tenancy, and automation capabilities, Safespring Backup 2.0 is the perfect choice for managing all your backups.