Safespring Data Centers

Our data centers meet your high demands for reliability and availability. In addition, you get a climate-smart solution because our data centers are powered 100% by electricity from renewable energy sources.

Safesprings Datacenter

Safespring Stockholm Norr

The data center at Stockholm Norr recovers heat generated from production and sends it back to the district heating network, which heats thousands of apartments in the Stockholm area each year. The data center is secured and built within a building, with CCTV surveillance around the clock and security guards patrolling the area. Several access barriers exist, including gates, contactless keycards, and biometric readers.


Safespring Stockholm Norr has been using 100% green energy since 2012. In 2015, the data center began a unique project with Stockholm Exergi (formerly Fortum Värme) to recover heat from the data center and send it to the district heating network. This heats thousands of apartments in Stockholm each year.

The data center is constantly working to become more energy-efficient, including raising the floor from 60 cm to 120 cm to reduce the need for cooling.

Safespring Stockholm Syd

The data center at Stockholm Syd meets high demands for reliability and availability. It is 2800 sqm, with 1100 sqm dedicated to data zones. The data center is powered entirely by electricity from renewable energy sources and constantly works to increase energy efficiency.

The data center’s responsible person can provide extracts of the pass system and camera material upon request. Safesprings’ spaces are locked and cannot be influenced or manipulated by external parties. The building meets accessibility requirements according to Tier-3, Safesprings’ policy. A backup power system also makes the data center independent of the power grid. The data center has fire detection with air analysis and server halls with IT-friendly extinguishing systems and fire alarms directly connected to the fire station. Burglary alarms are directly connected to the alarm center, and the data center is monitored 24/7 by our own NOC.

Other features

Safespring Oslo

The data center in Oslo is the largest existing data center in Norway and is powered by hydropower. It will collaborate with several parties to provide hydropower-generated data centers to national and international customers. The data center is the largest existing one in Norway, with leading international data center operators renting approximately 6,000 sqm in the building. The property has 22 MW of installed power capacity and is designed to operate at over 90% efficiency, with a PUE of 1.1.