About the Website

Safespring's websites use cookies to improve usability. Statistics and analysis tools are used to improve the website.

About the Use of Cookies

According to law, all visitors to a website must be informed about so-called cookies.

A cookie is a small text file that the website stores on your computer. Learn more about cookies on the Post and Telecom Authority’s website.

Safespring’s website, with addresses ending in safespring.se or safespring.com, uses cookies. The cookie does not contain personal information, but is used to create aggregate data. This data is used to improve the usability of Safespring’s websites and for marketing purposes.

If you do not want to allow the storage of cookies on your computer, you can turn it off in your web browser’s settings. This does not affect your ability to read information on Safespring’s websites.

Cookies on Safespring’s Websites

Safespring uses Matomo as an analysis tool. Matomo uses cookies. The information generated by these (including IP addresses) will be handled on Safespring’s infrastructure. This information is used to evaluate visitor statistics.

Safespring follows Post and Telecom Authority’s and IAB Sweden’s recommendations for the use of cookies.

About Personal Data

Safespring is responsible for the processing of personal data on Safespring’s websites.

Safespring uses statistics and analysis tools to get a picture of how visitors use the website in order to produce statistics and improve navigation and structure. On the website, users can register in one of Safespring’s application forms.