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Powerful Virtual Servers with NVMe

NVMe is a high-speed storage interface offering faster access times and lower latency compared to traditional storage technologies.

It’s an excellent choice for use in etcd, a distributed and consistent key-value store that’s fundamental to Kubernetes. Etcd is used to store data across a cluster of machines and is useful for storing and retrieving configuration data, service coordination, and storing metadata.

Using NVMe storage for etcd improves performance and reliability in the system, enabling it to handle large amounts of data and traffic with ease while supporting Kubernetes’ powerful container management.

Use Case: Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes

Use Case: Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes

Rob McCuaig shares insights into Elastisys’ collaboration with Safespring and the importance of data processing within the EU.

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Safespring’s Network Model is Optimal for Container Platforms

Safespring is a product that offers an efficient and highly available network stack using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol). This enables Safespring to offer efficient load balancing using Equal cost multipath routing and Elastic IP (ECMP).

Another advantage of Safespring is its scalable network implementation, where there are no central control nodes. This makes the network more robust and reliable.

Safespring also offers Layer 3 IP-to-IP connectivity, which means there’s the possibility for a direct connection between two IP addresses. This makes it easier to build a robust network solution without a “single point of failure.”

Thanks to Elastic IP, Safespring serves as a base function for building load balancers. Moreover, Safespring provides the tools to build highly available solutions, where there is no single weak point in the network.

In summary, Safespring has an efficient network stack, scalable network implementation, IP-to-IP connectivity, and provides tools for building highly available solutions, making it an attractive product for those looking to build robust and reliable networks.

Run Kubernetes as a Service on Safespring

With the strength of Safespring’s infrastructure, our partners have built powerful managed services. Let your technicians manage your services and let us focus on the infrastructure and platform layer.

Compliant Kubernetes as a Managed Service on Safespring

Compliant Kubernetes as a Managed Service on Safespring

Run Kubernetes as a service. With comprehensive security mechanisms, Compliant Kubernetes is a complete solution for securely managing your Kubernetes needs.

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