Price List and Calculator

Together we create a safer, and more cost-effective digital infrastructure.

See our prices further down on this page or download the price calculator to your computer. The price calculator is an Excel file with built-in logic to calculate a monthly cost based on your choices.

There are many advantages to infrastructure as a service. In addition to increased performance for lower cost, you avoid investing in new hardware and paying for space that is not utilized. With us, you only pay for the resources you allocate.

Download our price calculator and build your current environment to see what you save by moving to Safespring. The price includes high security, both physical, logical, and legal. You also get 24/7 support and access to our self-service portal where you can manage your instances as needed.

No Traffic Cost

Safespring does not charge any traffic cost for data sent to or from our services. Traffic cost, or Egress cost as it is also called, is a common lock-in mechanism. Safespring is built on open standards and it is part of our philosophy. Read more about Egress and Ingress cost in our blog post in swedish about traffic costs.

Safespring Compute

Flavor is a pre-configured instance of a virtual machine with a specific combination of CPU, RAM, and storage.

Flavors with local NVMe disk

Discover our range of powerful virtual servers, with up to 32 vCPUs and 64 GB RAM, with NVMe storage up to 1,000 GB - priced from only €0.060 per hour or €42.72 per 30 days!

Product ID vCPU RAM (GB) Local disk (GB) Per hour Per 30 days
FLAVOR-l2.c2r4.100 2 4 100 €0.060 €42.72
FLAVOR-l2.c2r4.500 2 4 500 €0.109 €78.32
FLAVOR-l2.c2r4.1000 2 4 1000 €0.171 €122.82
FLAVOR-l2.c4r8.100 4 8 100 €0.106 €76.44
FLAVOR-l2.c4r8.500 4 8 500 €0.156 €112.04
FLAVOR-l2.c4r8.1000 4 8 1000 €0.217 €156.64
FLAVOR-l2.c8r16.100 8 16 100 €0.200 €144.18
FLAVOR-l2.c8r16.500 8 16 500 €0.250 €179.78
FLAVOR-l2.c8r16.1000 8 16 1000 €0.312 €224.38
FLAVOR-l2.c16r32.100 16 32 100 €0.388 €278.96
FLAVOR-l2.c16r32.500 16 32 500 €0.438 €314.56
FLAVOR-l2.c16r32.1000 16 32 1000 €0.499 €359.16
FLAVOR-l2.c16r64.500 16 64 500 €0.656 €471.00
FLAVOR-l2.c32r64.1000 32 64 1000 €0.875 €628.64

Flavors without local disk

Safespring offers a range of cost-effective virtual machines with varying vCPUs and RAM. Central block storage can be purchased for the instances.

Product ID vCPU RAM (GB) Local disk (GB) Per hour Per 30 days
FLAVOR-b2. c1 r2 1 2 0 €0.023 €16.91
FLAVOR-b2. c1 r4 1 4 0 €0.037 €26.70
FLAVOR-b2. c2 r4 2 4 0 €0.047 €33.82
FLAVOR-b2. c2 r8 2 8 0 €0.074 €53.40
FLAVOR-b2 .c4 r8 4 8 0 €0.094 €67.64
FLAVOR-b2. c4 r16 4 16 0 €0.149 €106.80
FLAVOR-b2. c8 r16 8 16 0 €0.188 €135.28
FLAVOR-b2. c8 r32 8 32 0 €0.297 €213.60
FLAVOR-b2. c16 r32 16 32 0 €0.376 €270.56
FLAVOR-b2. c16 r64 16 64 0 €0.594 €427.20

Central Block Storage

Central block storage provides three copies of data spread out in a robust CEPH cluster. Get fast and reliable storage with Safespring from only €0.107 per GB per 30 days.

Product ID Description Per GB/hour Per GB/30 days
VOLUME-large HDD-backed 3-replica Ceph €0.00015 €0.107
VOLUME-fast SSD-backed 3-replica Ceph €0.00045 €0.320

Safespring Storage (S3)

Safespring offers two tailored S3 products for different storage needs: S3-archive for larger volumes over longer periods and S3-storage for applications that actively use the S3 protocol.

Product ID Explanation Per TB in 30 days
S3-archive Tailored for larger storage volumes over longer periods. €31.15
S3-storage Tailored for applications that actively use the S3 protocol. €44.50

Safespring Backup

Safespring offers three different backup solutions. Prices per GB start as low as €0.082, providing you with high-quality backup at an affordable price.

Safespring Backup offers data reduction technology in the service which typically reduces the data volume between 45%-90%. The price is set per protected GB on the client and per stored GB in the service after deduplication and compression. Additionally, 1TB is included in the fixed monthly price for BAAS-small.

Which plan is best?

Data Usage (GB) Most Cost-effective Service
0 - 5 000 Backup on Demand
5 001 - 7 000 Backup Small
7 001 Backup Large
Product ID Fixed Monthly Price Per GB in 30 days
BAAS-on.demand N/A €0.22
BAAS-small €489.50 €0.16
BAAS-large €845.50 €0.08

Network and Software

Safespring offers various software and licenses that can run on top of Safespring's cloud platform.


Safespring offers IPv4 and IPv6 public IP addresses, data traffic (ingress and egress) at no extra cost, Reverse DNS names, and Bring Your Own IP prefixes. In addition, customers can request a quote for their managed load balancers which require their own servers.

Product ID Type Description Billing per Per month
NET-publicv4 IPv4 Public IP address €2.23
NET-publicv6 IPv6 Public N/A €0.00
NET-ingress Data traffic GB €0.00
NET-egress Data traffic GB €0.00
NET-mgn.slb Managed SLB Load balancers requiring their own servers Instance Request quote

Software and Licenses

Maximize your infrastructure with software optimized to run on Safespring’s platform.

Product ID Description Billing per Per month
SW-win.ser Windows Server vCPU €15.58
SW-ms.sql.ser Windows SQL Server standard vCPU (min 4vcpu) €109.38
SW-nextcloud Nextcloud Filesharing N/A Request quote
SW-suse.linux SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, 12x5 Support N/A Request quote

Platform Services

We offer complete management of your Kubernetes environments, including regulatory compliance, with Compliant Kubernetes. Additionally, Managed Elasticsearch, NATS, MariaDB, and Redis are offered. Request a quote today to access these services!

Product ID Description Per month
PAAS-man.kubernetes24 Managed Compliant Kubernetes 24/7 Request quote
PAAS-man.kubernetes8 Managed Compliant Kubernetes 8/5 Request quote
PAAS-man.elasticsearch Managed Elasticsearch (included in Compliant Kubernetes) Request quote
PAAS-openshift No support Request quote
PAAS-man.nats Managed NATS Request quote
PAAS-man.mariadb Managed MariaDB Request quote
PAAS-man.redis Managed Redis Request quote

Support and Consulting Services

We offer various levels of support for cloud infrastructure. In addition, we offer experienced consultants and project managers at competitive prices.

Product ID Description Billing per Price
SUPPORT-base Support for Safespring’s services N/A €0.00
SUPPORT-standard Access to backchannel chat room with support and engineering Total volume 3% of total volume
SUPPORT-premium Dedicated Service Manager with quarterly operations meetings Hour Request quote

Consulting Services

Access our experienced consultants and project managers to optimize your cloud infrastructure at competitive prices, with junior experts starting at €100.43 per hour and senior experts reaching up to €122.38 per hour.

Product ID Description Billing per Price
PS-consult.jun Cloud Infrastructure Consultant, junior expertise level Hour €100.43
PS-consult.sen Cloud Infrastructure Consultant, senior expertise level Hour €122.38
PS-cloudarch.jun Cloud Infrastructure Architect Consultant, junior expertise level Hour €113.55
PS-cloudarch.sen Cloud Infrastructure Architect Consultant, senior expertise level Hour €122.38
PS-pm.jun Project Manager, junior expertise level Hour €101.23
PS-pm.sen Project Manager, senior expertise level Hour €122.38


Learn all about modern IT services with Safespring’s course packages, including introductions to “infrastructure as a service” and cloud infrastructure technology, as well as in-depth courses on cloud strategy and modern DevOps with “microservices”. Request a quote today to take your business to the next level!

Product ID Description Length Billing per Price
COURSE-intro.iaas Introduction to “infrastructure as a service” One day Occasion Request quote
COURSE-cxo.strategy Cloud strategy for management teams, One day Occasion Request quote Introduction to cloud infrastructure technology, Four days Occasion Request quote
COURSE-devops.microservices Modern DevOps and “microservices” Four days Occasion Request quote