About Safespring

Safespring delivers a locally based Cloud built for the apps of tomorrow.

Safespring delivers a locally based Cloud built for the apps of tomorrow. It enables our customers to innovate quickly, reducing time to market and removing technical constraints while increasing efficiency and retaining data sovereignty. With our platform, we help our customers improve competitiveness to delivery excellence.

Flexible consumption model includes services by the hour or GB/month. All services are billed monthly based on your consumption. From our professional data centers in Sweden and Norway, our delivery of infrastructure-as-a-Service include:

Safespring Compute

Our infrastructure services are based on the market-leading cloud platform OpenStack. The service is delivered from secure data centers with high availability. Customer data never leaves Sweden or Norway, where data centers are physically located within the country. The service is flexible, fully automated, and based on self-service through a portal: The user can start and stop new servers with a few simple steps. It is also possible to manage and control the provisioning of servers programmatically through standards-based calls to our API.

Safespring Storage

We provide an object-storage service where we expose an S3 interface to your application. The service is optimized at ample and inexpensive storage space and is well suited for applications such as reading or writing large amounts of data.

Open Source

Our services are based on Open Source. Recent decades have shown that open-source software provides a compelling ecosystem of companies and organizations that have the exact needs, but at the same time, they need customized solutions.