Compliant Kubernetes

Compliant Kubernetes gives you all the benefits of a modern container platform running in Nordic data centers without you having to care about operations.

Safespring benefits

Organizations across all industries adopt containers for increased agility, developer productivity, and availability and performance.

To orchestrate and manage this dynamic, new environment of smaller micro-services, Kubernetes has emerged as the de-facto standard.

More and more industries like the public sector, banking, fin-tech, RegTech, iGaming, MedTech, and biotech face increased regulatory pressure due to their influence on society. Even companies not under industry regulations choose to adopt best practice controls like CIS or SOC2.

Handling sensitive user data and adhering to regulations like GDPR, ISO-27001, or PCI-DSS can be challenging in a dynamic, container-based environment due to multiple levels of abstraction and virtualization. Software security is hard to translate to regulatory requirements written with physical infrastructure and single-tenancy in mind. As such, proving to security teams that containers can be as secure, if not more than traditional VMs, has been a challenge for the last few years. Furthermore, with additional moving parts, attack surfaces increase.

Suppose your current environment has passed all audits. In that case, DevOps teams must make an even louder case for containerization just because the current setup is proven compliant even though the setup is inflexible and causes a slower software development lifecycle. Aspects such as network segmentation, firewalls, role-based access control, secret handling, vulnerability (antivirus) scanning, and updates are all done differently in containerized environments.

Although historically tricky to set up, getting a Kubernetes cluster up and running today is a few clicks away. Operating it in production with real workloads while handling sensitive user data is still a significant challenge, especially under heavy security requirements or regulatory restrictions.

Compliant Kubernetes on Safespring Compute

In addition to monitoring the clusters 24/7 for health metrics and suspicious external activity, operating a cluster also means doing constant platform lifecycle management.

Such as upgrading, testing, and patching when security vulnerabilities arrive. Keeping up to date with Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), managing backups, and operating ancillary services like logging and monitoring also add to the work burden of your operations team.

In essence, the challenge is how to increase software agility through containerization while guaranteeing security and compliance for your business.

Safespring Compliant Kubernetes (CK8s) is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) certified Kubernetes distribution. It comes prepackaged with security-hardened configurations and open source components according to best practices. Safespring provides quarterly releases of Compliant Kubernetes. Every release includes testing and hardening the components, ensuring they adhere to our customers’ strict security and regulatory requirements for their container platforms.

Safespring Compute is the core of Compliant Kubernetes

Safespring Compute is the core of Compliant Kubernetes

Our infrastructure service is located in secure data centers within the EU and doesn't get affected by foreign laws like CLOUD Act or FISA 702.

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Compliant Kubernetes allows organizations to enjoy the full benefits of Kubernetes while fulfilling regulatory requirements, not only when deploying new clusters but over the whole software development life cycle - software development, composition, and packaging, testing, and deployment, as well as operations and audits.

European companies are open to migrating their workloads to European providers due to Cloud Act and other forces that allow foreign entities to access user data.

Compliant Kubernetes is available as a managed service in partnership with Elastisys, giving you all the benefits of a modern container platform without you having to care about operations.