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Ready to switch to Compliant Kubernetes? Let Elastisys experts manage the operations while you maintain full control and security on Safespring's robust infrastructure.

With Elastisys at the helm, we can offer Compliant Kubernetes as a fully managed service on Safespring’s infrastructure.

Our partner, Elastisys, is not only certified Kubernetes service providers but also creators of the open Kubernetes distribution Compliant Kubernetes. They are also prominent members of the Cloud Native community. We offer not only managed services but also customised training and consultations.

Seven Episodes on Kubernetes

Seven Episodes on Kubernetes

In this Swedish web series, we will explore how to design and operate scalable applications on Kubernetes.

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Compliant Kubernetes on Safespring Compute

Why Choose Compliant Kubernetes?

Kubernetes in its purest form is not secure. Compliant Kubernetes is tailored to ISO27001 standards, which means it is designed for maximum security and observability from the start.

Compliant Kubernetes on Safespring Compute


There are many reasons why companies choose to bring their data home to Europe.

Most SaaS services contain personal data such as names, telephone numbers, home addresses and in many cases patient records which need to be handled with great care.

Personal data is regulated by the Data Protection Regulation in Sweden, GDPR and the Patient Data Law. Are you handling patient and medical records without complying with GDPR?

If the service managing personal data is hosted on an American cloud service, the healthcare institution is violating the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) according to the EU court’s ruling in July 2020.

Therefore, Sweden’s regions and municipalities set clear requirements that personal data must be stored with Swedish cloud service providers who offer the same capacity and flexibility as the major international alternatives. Swedish cloud platforms like Safespring store data in Sweden and are governed by Swedish law.

Boost your competitiveness in Europe with the right cloud service and increase your sales.

Safespring Compute: The Foundation for Compliant Kubernetes

Safespring Compute: The Foundation for Compliant Kubernetes

Our infrastructure service is run in state-of-the-art data centers within the EU, protected from laws like the CLOUD Act or FISA 702.

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