Team Lead for our container platform team

To plan for future expansion of our offerings, we are looking for a team lead for our new platform services team.

Join Safespring as our Tech Team Lead for the container platform team, where innovation meets leadership.

In this key role, you’ll guide the development and operation of our Kubernetes-based container platform, directly impacting our mission to deliver local and sustainable cloud services.

With a focus on open-source technology and a passion for continuous improvement, you’ll lead a talented team towards creating seamless CI/CD experiences. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to a fast-growing company at the forefront of cloud technology, fostering a culture of transparency, innovation, and collaboration. If you’re ready to make a significant impact in a dynamic environment, we’re looking for you.

Leadership Dynamics

About the position

A platform engineer in the Safespring platform team contributes to the building, operation and continuous improvement of the Safespring container platform product.

Currently, the platform is being built with the Community Distribution of Kubernetes that powers Openshift (OKD). Other variants of Kubernetes may be introduced later. The platform team will build, maintain and operate the container service from scratch on top of Safespring’s production IaaS.

The product is built and operated by consuming Safespring’s IaaS products, OpenStack and CEPH, and the container team has the sole responsibility for upholding the service level objectives set forth by the engineering and product management.

The work should synchronize well with the product strategy of the container platform. The main synchronization point for daily work will be with the tech lead for the container platform; however, we also expect the platform engineers to exhibit a self-driven mindset and actively suggest and contribute to the progress of the platform according to the overall strategy of the product and the company as whole.

Safespring is a small company, and we operate as a family where we help each other and contribute where needed most at any time. It is expected that priorities might change over time.


The platform tech lead is responsible for actively progressing the customer experience of our container platform offering by aligning with the overall product and company strategy and providing mentoring, context and priorities to team members to unblock them and create progress.

Desired Expertise

We expect that the candidate has experience with at least a subset of the following aspects.

What Safespring offer

About the company

Safespring is a pioneer in providing cloud services that emphasize digital sovereignty, ensuring that your data remains secure, private, and within regulatory boundaries. Our commitment to open-source technology and environmental sustainability is matched by our dedication to empowering businesses with full control over their digital assets. By leveraging advanced infrastructure solutions like OpenStack and Kubernetes, we offer a platform that not only meets the current demands for scalability and flexibility but also prioritizes the sovereignty of your digital information. In a world where data residency and compliance are paramount, choosing Safespring means partnering with a provider that understands the importance of keeping your data protected and under your jurisdiction, all while supporting a greener future.

Keywords: tech-lead, platform engineering, Openshift, OKD, Kubernetes, Containers, CI/CD, tech mentoring, DX (Developer Experience), OpenStack, IaaS, IaC

How to Apply

If you are ready to join a fast-paced, innovative company and play a vital role in the development of cutting-edge infrastructure services, please submit your application today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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