Faster S3 and other news from Safespring

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Kristian is our contact for everyone in the academic sector

Safespring is a significant supplier of infrastructure as a service to the academic sector in Norway and Sweden. Through customers such as prominent universities and colleges, we have gained extensive experience in secure projects focusing on cloud services such as virtual servers, Kubernetes, and large-scale storage.

Contact Kristian Fjellhaug and take the opportunity to go through your needs for Compute, Storage, or Sunet Drive.

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OpenShift runs smoothly on Safespring’s platform

With our OKD community installer, you can quickly get an OpenShift cluster up-and-running. Containers require flexibility. Safespring’s platform is created for scalability, high security, and is optimized for OpenShift cluster resource requirements.

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Safespring storage v2.0 is now live!

Our S3 service is excellent for everything from an off-site backup of a customer’s entire infrastructure to storing large-scale data.

Our new S3 service has higher performance and can be used directly by your application on our platform. Many have already asked how they can get started. Get in touch, and we will tell you more.

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We have updated the names of our compute flavors

The core of Safespring’s platform is our virtual machines that come in several different flavors. Instances created from a flavor include CPU, RAM, and possibly a local disk. Now it’s easier than ever to know what such an instance contains just by its new flavor name.

All our flavors follow this new name set, making it easier for everyone who uses our platform. In our price calculator, you can see the new names today.

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How does Nextcloud work on Safespring’s platform?

Together with Sunet and Nextcloud, Safespring has built Sunet Drive. A complete solution for large-scale storage. Read more in our comprehensive solution brief, where we explain how the service is structured and why this type of solution is suitable for sensitive data.

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