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Cloud Engineer - Customer Engagement Team

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Customer engagement team
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Job description

Safespring is expanding, and we are looking for engineers who want to join a new team with a mission to create the best possible customer experience.

About the team

The customer success team is a completely new team that we will establish during 2021, and the mission for the team will be to bridge the gap between our customers and the rest of the tech organization at Safespring. The customer success team will take over responsibility for the customer as soon as the contract is signed, and will make sure that the journey as a customer is as smooth as possible. The customer success team will own our onboarding process, our support process and be responsible for making our customers feel welcome.

As an early member of the team, you will be able to help establish the teams tasks and responsibilities.

Safespring was organized as a distributed organization from the beginning, and so is this team. That means you can choose to work from home or your home town, but if you some times want to work from an office, we currently have flexible office spaces in Oslo, Stockholm and Bergen, and will consider the same in other cities. Note that for regulatory reasons, we require team members to be residents of Norway or Sweden.

Who will be the manager?

The manager for the customer success team will be be Anders Bruvik. See contact information below, he will be happy to have an informal conversation if you have questions about the position.

As the team grows, there is an opportunity for senior engineers who are looking for a management opportunities to grow into a team lead role for this team.

About the company

Safespring is a Nordic startup delivering a locally based infrastructure as a Service based on open source software. Our Services enables customers to innovate quickly, reducing time to market and removing technical constraints while increasing efficiency levels and retaining data sovereignty.

From our professional data centers in Sweden and Norway our delivery of infrastructure-as-a-Service include Safespring Compute, Storage and Backup. The services are flexible, fully automated and based on self-service through API or portal. Our value proposition includes open standards, privacy and compliance to local laws.

Our customers include some of the largest research and education organizations, government authorities and SaaS companies in Sweden and Norway. Safespring holds directly or through partners framework agreement with Géant (including SUNET, Uninett, NORDUnet), SKR, Kammarkollegiet to mention the most important ones.

Safespring supports open infrastructure and open-source through memberships in open infra foundation, Nordix foundation and GAIA-X among other initiatives.

What are you going to work on?

We deliver infrastructure services based open source software like Openstack and Ceph. Your day to day job will be varied and range from onboarding new users, maintaining documentation, replying to customer requests, to maintaining deployment pipelines, test and QA work and some programming, infrastructure work etc.

Our customers are mostly advanced users maintaining their infrastructure with configuration tools like Ansible, Terraform or they run Kubernetes on our infra. You are expected to have a basic understanding of how these tools work, and you will sometimes have to write your own configuration code to either reproduce a customer issue, or to help the customer to solve their infrastructure problem.

The team will own the processes related to customer onboarding, customer database and support processes, so you will work on scripts, integrations and software related to these processes.

For our larger customers, we schedule regular meetings where we go through issues, report on our SLA targets and collect input for our roadmaps. You will prepare and lead these meetings, and collect feedback to the rest of the organization so we can improve.

What do we expect from you?

  • We expect that you can communicate in a concise and clear manner in English and a Scandinavian language.
  • You have experience working with modern API-driven infrastructure. Openstack would be preferred, but experience with AWS, Google Cloud or Azure is also relevant.
  • You have experience with Continuous Delivery, Containers and automating infrastructure.
  • You have skills in at least one programming language (for instance Python or Golang)
  • You enjoy working with a variety of people and organizations, and are a good listener and communicator.
  • Most important: You should be willing and able to learn, grow and share. We need your knowledge to work to improve our customers, teams and organization - what you learn, combined with what you already know, is our most valuable asset.
  • You must be a resident of Norway or Sweden

Will there be any traveling?

We try to gather the team approximately one time each quarter, usually somewhere in Scandinavia. In addition, there is a budget for training that could either be spent at conferences and courses, or on books and online courses if you prefer to travel less.

How is the salary?

Safespring is affiliated to Kollektivavtalet and applies to their rules in both Sweden and Norway, including local rules for working hours, vacation, wellness benefits and market salary.

How to apply

To apply, send please send your CV and cover letter in PDF format to, or upload them Nextcloud by clicking on the button below labeled “Upload application”.

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About Safespring

Safespring produce secure, reliable and flexible cloud services. Our infrastructure as a service is based on open source and open standards. We produce all our services within Europe and its therefore easier for you to follow European local laws and regulations.