Greetings from OpenInfra Days Gothenburg 2024!

Our session, titled 'Using NATS and Huma to Enhance Open Source Infrastructure', was designed to empower both B2B and European research communities with robust self-service access.

Jon Ander Novella de Miguel

Jon Ander Novella de Miguel

Safespring Engineer

Hello everyone,

I’m Jon Ander Novella de Miguel, and I had the pleasure of representing Safespring at the OpenInfra Days held in Gothenburg on May 7, 2024. Although we missed seeing many of you there, I’m excited to share the essence of our session and how Safespring is pushing the boundaries of open source infrastructure.

Our Presentation: Enhancing Infrastructure with NATS and Huma

Our talk, “Using NATS and Huma to Enhance Open Source Infrastructure,” focused on how these technologies are integral to fostering a robust, secure, and flexible digital environment, especially for B2B and European research communities. We’re committed to providing solutions that not only meet current demands but also anticipate future challenges.

Highlights from the event:

  1. Our mission and vision: As part of Safespring’s commitment, I discussed our ongoing efforts to serve as the foundation for digital development through reliable and scalable cloud services. Our vision is to remain leaders in innovative and secure cloud solutions, with a strong emphasis on data sovereignty and open standards.
  2. Self-service API innovations: I shared our advancements in self-service API capabilities, designed to empower users with controlled provisioning and distributed management. This is particularly aligned with the European Open Science Cloud initiative, supporting a federated infrastructure that spans across numerous research facilities and enterprises.
  3. Technical deep dive into Huma and NATS: The technical core of our presentation was centered on the use of Huma for backing HTTP APIs with a structured approach and NATS for its superior messaging capabilities that enhance communication across services. These tools are pivotal in managing complex, distributed systems efficiently.
  4. Addressing integration challenges: Integrating diverse platforms poses substantial challenges. I outlined our strategic approaches to ensure seamless interoperability between different cloud services such as OpenStack and OKD, focusing on synchronization, error handling, and efficient resource management.
Download presentation

Download presentation

Do you want to read the presentation that Jon Ander held, please download it here.

Download presentation

Connect and learn More:

I encourage everyone interested in learning more or viewing the presentation materials to visit [Presentation Link]. For ongoing updates, please keep an eye on our website and connect with us on LinkedIn.

Let’s talk: Your insights and questions are invaluable. Feel free to reach out directly at if you want to discuss how our solutions can tailor-fit your needs or to share feedback.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Safespring. Together, we are setting the stage for a revolutionary approach to cloud computing.

Best regards,
Jon Ander Novella de Miguel