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Safespring is expanding, and we are looking for engineers who want to join our team!

How to apply

About the team

This role is part of the infrastructure team at Safespring. The team is organized as a remote, distributed team - which means you can choose to work from an office in your home, if you want. If you prefer to work from elsewhere, for any reason, we currently have people working from offices we rent for them in in Oslo, Stockholm and Bergen. Note that for regulatory reasons, we require team members to be residents of Norway or Sweden.

Who will be the manager?

As an infrastructure engineer your manager will be Anders Bruvik. See contact information below, he will be happy to have an informal conversation if you have questions about the position.

About the company

Safespring is a Nordic startup delivering a locally based infrastructure as a Service based on open source software. Our Services enables customers to innovate quickly, reducing time to market and removing technical constraints while increasing efficiency levels and retaining data sovereignty. From our professional data centers in Sweden and Norway our delivery of infrastructure-as-a-Service include Safespring Compute, Storage and Backup. The services are flexible, fully automated and based on self-service through API or portal. Our value proposition includes open standards, privacy and compliance to local laws.

Our customers include some of the largest research and education organizations, government authorities and SaaS companies in Sweden and Norway. Safespring holds directly or through partners framework agreement with SUNET, Sikt, NORDUnet, SKR, Kammarkollegiet to mention the most important ones.

What should you expect from Safespring?

Safespring started out as a design project in 2014, went operational with its first infrastructure service in 2015 and was founded as a company 2017. We still consider ourselves to be a startup and you will work in a dedicated team with other highly knowledgeable people. Expect to learn a lot and share your own knowledge! In our team, all engineers will get hands on experience with most part of our infrastructure.

While being a startup, we’re established and mature enough so we don’t need to work around the clock. We work normal hours and have the freedom of flexible working hours.

However, all engineers participate in an oncall rotation, so expect to spend about every 6th week being “on duty” outside normal working hours. This is of course compensated properly.

What are you going to work on?

We deliver infrastructure services based open source software like Openstack and Ceph. Your day to day job will be operating and developing the software and hardware. Our tooling includes Python, Ansible, Packer, Terraform, Prometheus for monitoring and more.

The technical team is responsible for support, so expect to have some communication with users. We also maintain documentation, both for customers and for internal use, so you will spend some time on maintaining and writing docs. Our services are available 24/7, so everyone on the team participates in an oncall rotation.

What do we expect from you?

Our Dream Candidate

In addition to the skills listed above, our dream candidate has strong skills in Openstack, Ceph and networking. In addition, it is nice if you have skills in one or more of the following:

For a senior engineer – we expect deep technical knowledge about several of the topics above

Will there be any traveling?

We try to gather the team approximately one time each quarter, usually somewhere in Scandinavia. In addition, there is a budget for traveling to at least a few conferences or meetups every year, so you can stay updated, and share your knowledge if you want to. Alternatively, if you prefer to travel less, we will spend money on books and online courses to keep you updated.

How is the salary?

Safespring is affiliated to Kollektivavtalet and applies to their rules in both Sweden and Norway, including local rules for working hours, vacation, wellness benefits and market salary.

How do I apply?

If you want more information about the job, please contact Anders Bruvik. His email address is You can also find him on LinkedIn or as @bruvik on twitter

If you want to apply, we want your CV and a short application letter sent to: